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top 10 funny ( spoof ) articles on uncyclopedia

Hey guys i bumped into this site somedays back , many of you might be aware of UNCYCLOPEDIA(the spoof site), its funny in the beginneing but gets bit bore after a pont of time , here are some of the funniest articles you can check on uncyclopedia.


ONE LAST THING B:These contents are not factSs, and given below are only QUOTED UNCYCLOPEDIA ARTICLES, which are by no means written by me.(click the headers for detailed articles on respective topic)

Uncyclopedia, “the content-free encyclopedia”, was founded in 2005 as an English-language wiki featuring satirically themed articles. It is formatted as a parody of Wikipedia and aims ultimately to parody all encyclopedic subjects.-WIKIPEDIA

10. Sigmund FreudFrued Momma.jpg:

Sigmund Skank Fraud (London, 6 mei 1856 – Freiburg, 23 september 1939, also known as SickMan Fraud, Sigmund Frood and Siggy.) was a psychoanalyst and a homosexual who lived during the early 20th Penis, I mean Century. He is widely regarded for his theories on the penis…errr…mind, and for jump starting the field of penises (psychoanalyis). His most celebrated theory is the notion of Penis Envy and Anal buggery.”

“He was a very close friend of Jung, whom he once kissed. The following day, an E! photographer was found dead in a box of cheese; it is believed that he had taken a photograph of that celebrity kiss, although this information hasn’t yet being confirmed by anyone.”

9.Oscar Wilde

“A man whose wisdom touches on nearly every conceivable topic, often without consent, which in turn has led to several lawsuits. Renown’d for his beautiful diction and his skilled oratory, Oscar is without doubt one of the leading literary figures of the first few days of March in 1895.”

“Oscar excelled during his academic years, with a number of his tutors stating that he was always willing to lend a hand to the younger boys. After boarding school, he attended Maudlin College, Oxford, where he graduated with a double-first in Modern Classics and Flower Arranging. His classics tutor, Walter Patewr, remarked that Oscar had great natural ability but that “where others may fail, he would always go the extra distance and make a proper fist of it”.”

8.Homo sapien

Human beings are a disease of the species Homo sapiens, that means they are hairless monkeys. The first of the humans is believed to be a man called James Croussor. This early man had enlarged ears, and spoke with likely stories. He had your number. Unique among mammals, humans never reach a natural equilibrium with their environment. The greedy bastards spread to an area and they multiply and multiply, until every natural resource is consumed. Then they spread to another area. One other organism on this planet follows the same pattern – a virus. – ZOMG Matrix Quote!!!

If you are reading this article, then you are probably a human yourself. Unless, of course, you are Paul McCartney‘s Grandfather, or more distant relative.” 


He is the son of Bart Simpson and Beyonce, and was conceived in a toilet seat at a gas station and that is why he looks like something only a rabid dog would hump”

“MothƎr and WifƎ

EminƎm is known for songs about hating his mothƎr and bƎating his wifƎ to dƎath, up though to that day of him crƎating thƎ Marshall MathƎrs LP, hƎ bƎcamƎ an icon to woman abusƎrs and bums. And also OJ Simpson, OJ lovƎs thƎ shit.”  



The spider is a kind, cute and cuddly bug (g. bebederbugii) that is vital to our ecosystem and wants to eat your brain”

“If you were bit by a deadly spider, remain calm. Your flesh will get black and may require a life-size pack of White-out. Swelling may occur, making you the size of the Earth. This is quite typical. Consider yourself lucky. Even the famous tennis player, Venus, got swelling and became a planet, he now has to masturbate every day through his arse hole or else the juice coming out of his mouth will eventually burn and kill him.”

5.Main Page of uncyclopedia with featured articles, featured pics, and other crap.

4.Harry Potter

Professor Dumbledore is the Headmaster of Hogwarts and recently came out as gay. He took the position after retiring from his previous position, guide of a hobbit guerrilla army obsessed with finger jewelry. Snape kills him in book six, but who doesn’t know that by now? Yeesh.”

“Marxist interpretation

Accio means of production!     

Accio means of production!

Much discussion has exposed JK Rowling as an obvious Marxist, attempting to pollute the minds of our youth with Communist propaganda. The “pure-blood” Slytherins represent the aristocracy, who believe that “magic” (i.e. capital) should be in the hands of a privileged elite. The “clever” Ravenclaws represent the bourgeoisie, who collude with the aristocracy in the suppression of the petty-bourgeois Hufflepuffs and the proletarian house-elves. The brave Gryffindors (who wear red Quidditch robes) and Dumbledore’s Army represent the Red Army, the true army of the proletariat. 

3.George dubya Bush

“George, or Georgie as called by people close to him, is a member of the Republican Party, also known as the Screw The Peasants Party. He is known for his unconventional style of politics, such as aiming a stream of urine at his opponents, and screeching while jumping up and down on them. His working day consists of finger-painting and pasting macaroni on official government documents (something Dick Cheney has repeatedly told him is a “no-no”). He loves non-alcoholic beer and sugar-free frozen treats, and spends most of his time in his ranch, taking 3 naps a day and posing for photos where he pretends to be clearing brush. He is also one of the people sought after by the Killer Sheep for revenge.”

“Supreme Warlord and Decider George Walter Bush is noted for:”

  • KillingLiberating (CIA censored) the people of Iraq by relieving more than 655,000 of them from the day-to-day struggle of living.
  • The War Against Terror (TWAT). This is an entirely peaceful means of bringing about change in the county of Iraq, and is widely regarded as necessary


    Wikipedia, “the free encyclopedia”, was originally founded in 2001 as an English-language wiki featuring satirically themed articles. It is formatted as a parody of Uncyclopedia and aims ultimately to devalue all enjoyable concepts.”

    “The history of Wikipedia begins in 1865 BC at the height of the Martian Civil War. Abraham Lincoln Logs, in a stroke of genius, realized that if encyclopedias were written collectively on the internet, then encyclopedia editors would be unemployed, and he could round them up and send them off to fight the Confederacy”


    “The concept of “blogging” (not to be confused with Riverdance) is said to have originated in the Amazonian rainforest, where European explorers observed the native hunter-gatherers communicating by means of high-pitched whining and long-drawn-out musical glossolalia.”

    “Some etymologists propose that the term originated with a small 19th-century Canadian community who would chop down trees and then write detailed accounts of their routine activities on online diaries, and later became known as “web loggers”.”

    1.Television (tied on the first place with blog)

    A television (also known as televideo, picotcube, boobtube, and the idiot box) is the greatest achievement in the history of mankind since the wheel and, according to many, aerosol deodorant. Critics say it is a special mind-control device developed by Oprah and Nintendo in an attempt to take over your mom using subliminal messages with white trash and computer animated plumbers. The actual technology was invented by famed scientist Sir Thomas Television. The technology is especially well suited to a special breed of idiots, such as Pro Sports Fans.”

    The Simpsons are controlling the network with popularity, you learn many unnecessary things, but hey maybe this will come in handy later on in life, “Mmm… donuts!”

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