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Top 10 FASTEST (from snail to GDP )

Anything can be fast or test limits of its ancestors, hee are some of the fastest recorded timings.

10.  Fastest man :Usain Bolt top speed 37.151km/hr

09.  Fastest Snail: Archie, owned by Carl Branhorn top speed 0.009 km/hr

08.  Fastest  Piano player :  Liberace , top speed :6000 notes in 2 minutes

07. Fastest Eater (mammal): star-nosed mole handling time: 120 milliseconds

06. Fastest Brick Layer:Littleton mason Bob Boll top speed:8″ double-brick wall of 914 bricks in 60 mins

05. Fastest GDP growth rate(2007):Azerbejan Rate:23.10%

04:Fastest 100m Team Aircraft Pull– 737 Class(37 tonnes):Royal Marine Reserves (10 of them) speed:8.3km/hr

03:Fastest tornado:May 13, 1999 oklahoma city Speed:509km/h

02.Fastest growing plant: Bamboo speed: upto 2.54 cm/hr

01.Fastest Pizza maker(2007):Dennis Tran speed:three large pizzas in  49.1 seconds

  1. Fastest Snail
    October 5, 2008 at 3:04 pm

    fastest snail seems so cute

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