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top 10 opinions on Mine key at facebook

hey guys recently i am getting addicted to this application on facebook called minekey , where people write opinions and others vote, comment , etc. They also show stats(insights) of the vote by age group and gender.

10.” The main downside to being an atheist is that we have no one to talk to during sex and “Oh Science!” just doesn’t click”-83% agreed 

9.”Thumbnail Pictures reflects the personality of the person”-Mukhtiar Ali Cango -100% agreed

8.”While Others may seem the door leading to ur happiness I Believe Ur The Only One With The Key !”-Nada Eid-100%agreed

7.”you CANNOT judge(or guess ) the personality of a person by the music one listens to”-me-84%agreed

6.”the age of consent for males can be lowered to 14″-diogenes-60%agreed

5.”Power without compassion is like a Building without windows …”-Robert Робэрт,-100%agreed

4.”It’s funny how well people think they know you after only knowing you on the net-Jonathan Entwistle-94% agreed

3.”Earrings on men look good.”-Oğuz Küçükbaş-60%agreed

2″When people that you like to read and exchange thoughts with disappear for awhile, you really feel something is missing.”-Mark Burr-100%agreed

1.”If you fall off a cliff,you might as well try to fly. After all, you got nothing to lose..”-Sudeepto Banerjee-87%agreed

ammazing isn’t it

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